Our Experience staff specializes in:

  • Stain & Rust Removal

  • Color Change

  • Replacement of Caulk

  • Slip Resistant Coating

  • Chip Repair & Hole Repair


The SunCoast Advantage

Suncoast Tub & Tile always goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. We work with you to create a restoration(refinish) process that right for you and your budget.


SunCoast Tub &Tile provide a buffing/sanding process that

will bring your bathtub back to it's original, smooth, shiny condition.

Prior to the Refinishing Process, we fix chips & holes where necessary.

Color change:                                                                                                                               Is Change your porous, old and outdated color.  We can refinish (recoat)

your bathtub to your preferred color. Your tub will have

shiny, smooth, glossy finish that will last for years.

Added benefits is that the surface is easy to clean and  free                                                        resistant to mold and mildew build up.

Slip Resistant Coating/Treatments(Commercial & Residential) - Optional

Slip and fall accidents in bathtubs is a common base danger at home and specially hotels, resulting in injuries each year. All smooth surfaces are slippery when wet.  The Slip Resistant Coating will add a slight grip texture to help reduce Slip and Fall accidents.

In addition to bathtub refinishing, SunCoast offer 2 Non-Skid treatments(optional) for the bottom of the bathtub's, Including

Non-skid clear coat and Slip- resistant etching liquid. Call us today to learn more.

Paint removal

If your Tub has been previously refinished, we can remove all paint(epoxy) and restore it to its original condition.


These services are backed by a 5-year warranty. SunCoast also includes cleaning and maintenance training(Commercial)

Call us today for more information about Bathtub Refinishing

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Having trouble with your dirty, rusty, stained,  scratched bathtub?

Have your Tub lost it's shine over the years?

Is your tub the wrong color?

Does your Tub have holes & Chips?

Do you have Slip & Fall problems?

SunCoast Tub & Tile have the solutions to fix above problems. We specialize in restoring(refinish) your bathtub to its original, smooth, glossy sheen.

Call us: (813) 817-2824